Wildernest Nature Resort: Booking Your Stay

Explore the Best View of the Valley from the Cottages that provide you a an experience to uplug, unwind, relax and recharge. We welcome you to live close to nature and spend time to understand nature with a more deeper perspective.

Welcome to Wildernest Nature Resort, at Chorla Ghats (Goa- Maharastra - Karnataka borders), where we offer best deals for your stay in the Valley / Forest or Plunge Pool Cottages and host variety of nature activities for you, your family and close ones, that will take you back to the nature. Stay + Taste Authentic Goan / Maharastrian cuisine + Trekking + Birdwatching + Nature Activities + Slope Train. So much to do, Just Come!

Address : Wildernest Nature Resort
Off Sanquelim, Goa-Belgaum route
Chorla Ghats, North Goa. Ph : 9765217999

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Type of Eco-Cottages at Wildernest Resort

The Wildernest Resort Goa has three type of accomodation options which is suitable for all kind of guests.

Valley View Cottages

Offers a great view of the Swapnagandha Valley from the bed, and also from the balcony of the Valley Cottage

Jungle or Forest Cottages

Offers you a complete privacy as the Jungle cottage is surrounded by trees and nature, excellent for honeymooners.

Family Valley Cottage 1

Excellent for large families and friends who wish to stay together. These Family cottages offer two seperate bedrooms.

Private Pool Cottages at Wildernest

Offers a beautiful view of the valley from the cottage and the exclusive private pool.

Swapnagandha Valley Cottages

Approximately 2kms from Wildernest, these cottages offer a gorgeous view of the Swapnaganha Valey.

Family Valley Cottage 2

Excellent for large families and friends who wish to stay together. These Family cottages offer two seperate bedrooms.

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Things-to-Do at Wildernest Goa

Wildernest Nature Resort Goa, offers many activities for you during your stay. We have listed the most favourite activities here.
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Wildernest Resort provides various types of nature trekking activities like the waterfall trek, village walk, sunset point & conservation point trek.


Known as one of the best swimming pools in Goa, the infinity pools at the Wildernest & Swapnagandha are an overwhelming experience to all family members.


Try your hands on the guided pottery activity at the Wildernest Resort, the children love this activity and take back wonderful memories about it.


Watch & Identify birds in their natural habitat at the Widernest Nature Resort. This is a guided tour early in the morning with an expert in ornithology.

Folk Dances

The Local Villagers provide an exciting evening with their traditional folk dances like fugadi, dekhni and dhalo, which are entertaining as well as praiseworthy.

Nature Talks

As a part of providing education about conservation and bio-doversity, the experts occasionally provide information through their talks and audio-visual activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which part of Goa is Wildernest Resort located?

A. Wildernest Nature Resort is located on the Chorla Ghats. These are the Ghats which connects Goa to Belgaum. The resort is on the border of Goa and Karnataka.

Q. What is Wildernest Resort famous for?

A. Wildernest is a Nature Resort and is famous for its location in middle of nature, its architecture and local cuisine. Wildernest is also managed by local staff, which provides high level of personalized service.

Q. Is Wildernest and Swapnagandha the same resort?

A. Wildernest Nature Resort and Swapnagandha Resort are different resorts but are located very close to each other and owned and managed by the same company. Both are very famous and are known for its location in the middle of Nature.

Q. Does Wildernest Resort Goa offer Airport and Railway Transfers?

A. Yes, Wildernest Resort provides transfers by private vehicles from Airport or Railway Station at an additional cost.

Q. Is Wildernest Resort Goa close to Beach?

A. No. Wildernest Nature Resort is far from beaches of Goa. But it is an ideal resort to combine beach and nature stay while in Goa. Perfect Goa vacation would be 2 nights in a beach resort and 2 nights at the Wildernest Nature Resort.

Q. What are top things to do at the Wildernest Resort Goa?

A. Wildernest Resort is famous for its location in middle of Jungle. The resort conducts various activities like trekking to the waterfall, village walks as well as cultural programs in the evening.

Q. Where is Swapnagandha Resort located?

A. Swapnagandha Resort is located near Wildernest Resort on the Chorla Ghats. It is the latest addition to the Wildernest Resort and has number of valley view Cottages with infinity pool and a cottage with private pool.

Q. Which is better Wildernest or Swapnagandha Resort?

A. Both Wildernest Resort and Swapnagandha Resort are nice resorts and has its own unique qualities. Both have excellent location and are surrounded by nature, forest and have infinity pool each. Swapnagandha resort has more modern villas.

Q. What kind of food is served at the Wildernest and Swapnagandha Resorts?

A. Both the resorts serve local cuisine cooked by the local villagers. The food is very healthy and authentic. The food is also served in earthen pots and pans and very tasty.

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